Welcome to Shree Spherotech
Welcome to Shree Spherotech

We are a world class foundry & provide fully finished industrial components

Moulding the future of Ductile & Grey Iron casting .

Crafting Excellence in Automotive Components

Crafting Excellence in Automotive Components: Our dedication to precision and quality shines in the manufacturing of high-quality castings, ensuring optimal performance and durability in the automotive industry.

Engineered for Heavy Industries

Our expertise in manufacturing high-quality castings for heavy industrial components is the cornerstone of reliable, durable solutions. Trust in our precision and commitment to quality for the most demanding applications in the industrial sector.

Cultivating Quality in Agriculture

We specialise in crafting high-quality castings for agricultural components, where precision meets the demands of farming equipment and machinery. Our commitment to excellence ensures reliability in the fields, harvest after harvest.


Our Customers


Shree Spherotech, where Precision, Craftsmanship and Innovation Converge in Ferrous Castings.
  • Shree Spherotech Pvt. Ltd. is a semi-automated foundry located in Shiroli M.I.D.C. Industrial Estate, Kolhapur.
  • Shree Spherotech Pvt. Ltd. was established on the 21st of Oct, 2010
  • We specialise in the manufacturing of ferrous castings
  • Our activities include Grey iron, SG iron castings and machined components.
  • With a built-up area of 1750 m² out of a total 4178 m² our production capacity is 300 tonnes/month with a spare capacity of 100 tonnes/month.
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Machine Shop Building
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Machine Shop Building
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Passionate team of experts
Delivering excellence in Precision Castings from our robust infrastructure.

In our foundry, quality is not just a commitment; it’s embedded in our infrastructure. We take immense pride in our state-of-the-art facilities that serve as the cornerstone of delivering superior castings.

Induction Furnace

550 KW INDUCTOTHERM Make (IGBT) based medium frequency induction melting furnace & 350 KW INDUCTOTHERM furnace

500Kg Crucible furnace – 2 Nos.

Moulding Machines

LINE 1: 2 Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze
Pneumatic Moulding Machines Model
ARPA- 450

LINE 2: 2 Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze Pneumatic Moulding Machines Model ARPA- 900

Sand Plant & Core Making

WESMAN SIMPSON sand cooler to control output sand temperature and moisture

Knock out machine

Sand Silver & Sand cooler

Automatic sand mixing and conditioning plant

Material Handling System

RFD Material storage racks

Ready for Dispatch Pallets Stored in Racks to Maintain Pre- Defined Minimum Inventory Levels to avoid shortages and Line Stoppage.

Our Values

At Shree Spherotech, our values form the bedrock of our identity and guide every facet of our operations.

Honesty And Integrity Shall Remain At The Forefront In All Our Interactions And Dealings With Our Customers, Suppliers, Employees And All External Agencies.

Rewarding Meritorious Employees Based On Evaluation Through A Transparent Performance Management System (PMS), Thus Ensuring An Environment Where The Best Thrive.

We Inculcate The Idea Of Importance Of Our Customers, In Our Daily Dealings With All Employees. Delighting Our Customers Is Engrained In Our DNA.

We Shall Engage With All The Stakeholders Of The Company On A Platform Which Is Based On Trust
And Transparency.

We will serve you with the best of our capacity by expert team.
Shivraj Shankarrao Patil
Shivraj Shankarrao Patil
Managing Director & Chairman
Virendra Shivraj Patil
Virendra Shivraj Patil
Executive Director
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